Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The FoxNews GOP Debate

Anyone have thoughts on the South Carolina Republican debate? It was definitely better than the first one. Brit Hume was a more effective moderator and his panel made the 10 candidate format work much more smoothly than MSNBC.

I thought Rudy Giuliani did well. I still don't think he can win, but he's not going away anytime soon. And I don't mean to be insensitive, but is anyone else sick of hearing him say, "I was mayor during 9/11?" We know, Rudy, we know. McCain looked old and weak. And I didn't know he had 7 kids. Wow. Romney was ok, but not as sharp as he looked in California. And Jim Gilmore's use of the term "Rudy McRomney" seemed an effective summary of the top of the Republican field.

I thought my own horse Tom Tancredo continued to shine. After hearing all the last-minute conservative conversions on stage from Rudy McRomney, Tancredo had the line of the night in saying, "I trust conversions on the road to Damascus much more than those on the road to Des Moines."

I do like Ron Paul as he mirrors much of my own libertarianism. But he made a big boo boo in linking the 9/11 attack to pre-war Iraq bombings?!? Did he not learn anything from Rumsfeld? Shame on you Ron. I'm afraid you just became the GOP's version of Mike Gravel. And kudos to Giuliani for calling him out. I wish there were more moments like that in these debates but I won't hold my breath.

Anyone else consider who might win if the whole thing were judged American Idol style? Snicker all you want now, but that could be the way of the future. And with 10 people clogging the stage, it makes sense. Who needs diners in New Hampshire or town halls in Iowa when you have instant text messaging?

I say Jim Gilmore would have been voted off after week 1 by a landslide. See ya! And after tonight's show, the bottom three would have to be: Ron Paul, Sam Brownback, and John McCain. So vote early and vote often to see who America sends home. Big Daddy....out!


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