Thursday, March 15, 2007

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Setting aside a discussion on the merits of the idea (because from what I've heard so far I personally think it's much ado about nothing), what are the chances Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez survives the latest scandal concerning the 8 fired US Attorneys? Most commentators I've encountered say Bush will not fire him, but there's a chance he would resign for the health of the presidency.

My gut tells me the Bush presidency is too weak for Gonzalez to tough it out successfully. I think Bush hinted at this himself when noting yesterday how he had to respond to questions about the issue at a press conference in Mexico alongside President Calderon when plenty of otherwise relevant and on-point topics were available for discussion in such a newsworthy setting.

We shall see. I would note the irony that the scandal's hottest link to the White House appears to be the already-infamous Harriet Miers!


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