Saturday, March 24, 2007

Letter Time

Due to my "liberal" stance on the Iraq War, I've been told that I'm no longer a Republican. Fair enough. However, by that same measure, the very conservative North Carolina Republican Congressman Walter Jones (lifetime rating of 93% from the American Conservative Union) must sadly be shown the door as well. Jones was one of only two congressional Republicans to vote in favor of the Friday's House spending bill containing a provision for withdrawal of the troops from Iraq. Of course, I couldn't resist showing my appreciation. Welcome to our lonely club, Walt!

Dear Representative Jones,

Thank you for your gutsy vote today in favor of the House spending bill containing a deadline for troop withdrawl from Iraq. Like you, I'm a conservative who originally supported intervention in Iraq but has since come to see it as a grave mistake. The weakening of our influence, massive spending, inaccurate intelligence, wartime mismanagement and, most especially, the mounting losses of American lives are all tragedies.

I applaud you for standing up to do something about it. I continue to be saddened how our Republican Party has ignored the lessons of the 2006 elections. I fear Iraq will keep us out of power long after President Bush has left office. And the real shame is that other winning causes that we support such as fairer taxes, reduced government spending, a strong military, and Christian values will suffer.

So thanks again for your leadership. Though I come from Florida, you have certainly become my favorite representative of the moment. I shall look forward to returning to the beautiful Outer Banks which I first visited a few years ago and I now see is a part of your district! God bless.


Jeff Briscoe


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