Monday, February 05, 2007

How Was Your Holiday?


So I guess we know what 63% of the country was doing last night. Is it just me or has the Super Bowl nearly-officially become America's 3rd most prominent holiday? The idea sounds un-American to give it priority over days like Memorial Day or Independence Day, but think about it. On what other days but for Thanksgiving and Christmas do so many people get together and celebrate a common occasion through food, drink, socializing, and partying?

I went to Winn-Dixie on Saturday night (merely for baby food, by the way) and the place was abuzz. I'm sure this experience could be seen in grocery stores throughout America as well. Again, save for the days before Thanksgiving and Christmas, are there really any other times where every line in the store is guaranteed to be open, crowded, and also full of beer, salsa, and chicken wings?

So let's give thanks for the Pilgrims who started this great nation. Let's praise the Lord for sending his son into this world to save us. But, most of all, let us be grateful for the gift of American football and pray for strength to endure the next 6 months without it!


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