Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Bank of Mexico

Thought I'd pass along this campaign email from Congressman Tom Tacredo. He's an outsider running for President as a Republican on the issue of illegal immigration and border security. The Bank of America move outrages me and I think Tancredo sums up the issue well. I look forward to seeing him stir up the forthcoming GOP debates.

Dear Friend of This Campaign,

I feel outraged! The Bank of America scandal has given me one more reason I must run for President.

The Bank of America admitted last week that it has begun issuing credit cards to Illegal Aliens. I plan to stop them!

Bank of America has admitted it has changed its ID requirements for credit cards so that Illegal Aliens can qualify. The bank's motive is higher profits.

Yet if an ordinary Illegal Alien can get a credit card, couldn't a clever terrorist? Or just about anybody in the U.S. illegally with something to hide?

Our whole national security system is thrown overboard when drug dealers, human smugglers, and possibly even terrorists can gain access to the U.S. financial system. What was the Bank of America thinking?

And here's what really makes me angry. The other Republican candidates are being totally silent about this matter.

No protest from McCain. Silence from Giuliani. Nothing from Romney. I can't find any candidate who cares.

If you help get me elected President, I promise to clean up this Bank of America scandal. I will shut down credit cards to Illegal Aliens!



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