Friday, January 19, 2007

Why the Dems are so wrong on John Bolton.

Over the years, I have come to understand just how necessary and irritating the “straight-shooter” is in organizational dynamics.

No one likes the person that tells the uncomfortable truth; who pushes others to explain their actions and adjust their institutions to meet obligations. The Boltons of the world are abrasive and dogmatic. Their adherence to Truth and Right, challenges the rest of us in ways that make us uncomfortable.

John Bolton was rubbed out because he spoke the uncomfortable truth that the UN is an utterly dysfunctional organization, so badly in need of reform that it should no longer be supported without a thorough house cleaning.

Internationalism requires faith in institutions that Bolton, among others, warned us were bloated and corrupt. He challenged civil servants and diplomats in the UN to live up to their obligations. He took the institutions to task for its unwillingness to embrace reforms that were clearly required it if was to be placed back on an even footing.

For this he was pilloried.

Now we find out that the UN’s money was unaccountably spent by the North Koreans.

It is naïve to imagine it was spent for the purposes stated or intended.

Worse than this is that the UN’s institutions hid the problem at every turn and made no changes to correct blatant deficiencies as they were uncovered.

It appears that the UN has been providing the very capital that the Midget King needed to stay afloat after the US cut off his drug and arms sale monies. We will likely never know how much American money was funneled to terrorism and North Korea’s nuclear program.

Bolton made much of the Oil-for-Food scandal. Internationalists excused it as an anomaly, not indicative of any fundamental problem. It looks like Bolton was right.

Will they listen now?


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