Saturday, January 20, 2007

Gradually Getting in Campaign Mode

At first glance, Senator Sam Brownback appears to be one of the few announced 2008 presidential contenders who interests me, with Tom Tancredo, John Edwards & Joe Biden being the others that I'm currently taking a look at. However, I must say that things don't look all-that-good yet for Brownback. Firstly, he's a Republican senator from Kansas running for the White House. That combo sure didn't work well for Bob Dole the 4 or 5 times he used it. Secondly, the guy can't even get any press on the very day he announces his candidacy before thousands of supporters.

I signed up for Brownback's mailing list awhile back and got lots of e-invites from Martin Gillespie to watch for the big announcement from Topeka today. But when I woke up this morning, all the headlines were already dominated by the news of Senator Clinton using this same day to announce the forming of her presidential exploratory committee. Clinton had to keep up with Obama, afterall.

And now it's Sam Brownback who? As of Saturday night, no story on the conservative senator appears anywhere on the Drudge Report. Meanwhile, a total of 6 stories are listed there for Hillary, plus she's also got a tough but favorable Thatcher-esque photo above the byline.

I'll continue to hold some hope in the campaign of Brownback. I recently read where fellow Opus Dei member Tom Monahan has pledged to help Brownback's campaign with his Domino's Pizza billions. Brownback sure will need it, as we wayward conservatives continue to walk wayward across this Sinai looking for another Moses. Meanwhile, the Democratic roll just continues.



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