Thursday, January 18, 2007


I posted this on an Obama thread over at The Cranky Conservative. Thought it might be worth posting here if anyone wants to talk of the media darling of the moment.

Firstly, I don't plan to support Obama due to specific positions on specific issues. But I do have a lot of respect for him and am glad he's going to run. Specifically, it's great to see a Democratic leader who embraces his Christianity and proudly proclaims Jesus Christ as his lord and savior.

But let's dispel a few myths here. As Mould correctly noted, Obama is hardly an unique example of a media-propped presidential creation. In fact, most successful presidents in modern times shared that distinction. It makes you wonder if the media/system uses these people or it's actually the media being played like a fine fiddle by men like Obama, Clinton, Reagan, and Kennedy.

I also don't share the opinion that Obama is all sytle and no substance. Look at Iraq for example. He has a clearly stated position that hasn't changed since 2002. If only we could say the same of our president! Beyond that, however, style does matter. Imagine if our current president could articulate like Obama? If he could reach out and actually speak to America's heart? He'd be in a lot better shape than he is. After 6 years of mummbled talk both in style and substance, I really want a president who can communicate. Obama's not my choice here, but I do respect his abilities to articulate that our current president desperately lacks.

Finally, I think Obama's resume is more than sufficient to warrant his hat being in the ring. I used to follow the old "a governor has experience being an executive" logic prior to GW Bush. But all Bush's experience guiding Texas for 6 years has proven absolutely worthless in guiding a Republican Congress (no less!) and handling our nation's foreign diplomacy. Consider: Obama does not come from money; Self-made; Harvard Law; Successful businessman; Held officie in Cook County govt and Illinois State Senate; US Senate. That all sounds pretty good to me. BTW, let's not belittle his 2004 camaign by saying he only won because Ryan was a freak and Keyes was from Maryland. Obama hit a home run at his DNC keynote address while also managing an effective campaign. And it's not like Illinois is a bastion of Republicanism anymore. Durbin has won there safely. The state even elected Carol Mosley Braun for goodness sakes! I'm no expert of Illini politics, but I will give Obama his due.


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