Thursday, January 04, 2007

A New Chapter

I didn't want this significant day in America's political history to go overlooked here at TPS. With the elevation of Nancy Pelosi to Speaker of the House we now have a strong woman who is 3rd in line to the presidency. It's worth noting. I wonder if this will foreshadow the presidential election of 2008? More importantly, for the time being Pelosi will set the direction of Congressional legislation and, more than likely, force an already embattled President Bush into a corner where he will have to take to "fight or flight" to survive. I expect more of the latter.

"Today we make history. Today we change the direction of our country," exulted Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

I look forward to giving the Democrats a chance to control the Congressional agenda. Let's see what they can do. I am convinced that they can do no worse than the absolutely pathetic leadership of Dennis Hastert. In fact, my personal highlight of today's ceremonies was seeing Hastert sitting alone on a back bench with a solemn look on his mug as he watched Pelosi wield his old gavel. And, in the likely event of Democratic miscues, I remain hopeful that this transition will revitalize the Republican party in the end. Losing Congress, afterall, has given them their only real chance of keeping the Presidency in 2008. Then again, I have been saying this since 2004!


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