Saturday, December 23, 2006


In a move that surprised few analysts, Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong dropped rape charges yesterday against the 3 Duke University students whose lives have been devastated for the past 9 months by this ridiculous circus. The overwhelming body of the evidence consistently revealed that no rape could have occured on the night in question. That's right -- there's no forensic evidence, no witnesses, no DNA, no workable timeline, nothing! The accuser had been hired to perform as a stripper for a party thrown by the lacrosse team. More than likely, she was performing naked for dozens of drunk college kids and her feelings were somehow hurt by comments from a rowdy crowd filled with alcohol and strippers. Imagine that? Crudeness does not a rape make.

Less severe charges remain pending, but look for them to be dismissed too. To sum it up....firstly, shame on Mr. Nifong for bringing these unfounded charges to a grand jury and feeding the media frenzy that surely would follow. Shame on Mr. Nifong for pursuing such a case with absolutely no corroborating evidence of any kind. Shame on Mr. Nifong for waiting 9 months for his office even to interview the stripper/accuser at which point she (naturally) changed her story. And shame on Mr. Nifong for dismissing the charges in piecemeal mere days before Christmas hoping to soften the blow as people's attentions were otherwise distracted by the holidays.

Finally, shame on the accuser -- Krystal Gale Mangum -- for letting your hurt pride shamefully and criminally tarnish the lives, academic pursuits, and athletic careers of these young men. It is people like you who sadly cause victims of real rapes to keep silent and allow true violent criminals to go unpunished.


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