Monday, October 23, 2006

Why I'm Happy These Days

I'm proud to announce that the little guy above is my new son, Joseph Thomas Briscoe. We are very blessed as our third child was born healthy and reasonable happy on October 10, 2006 in Port Charlotte, Florida at a full 9 pounds, 15 ounces, and 21 inches long. He has dark green eyes and a full head of dark brown hair. Having a 4 year-old, a 2 year-old, and a newborn has proved a challenge these past 2 weeks. And I'm sure it'll drive me crazy at times! But it has also been even more rewarding. I know that being a Big Daddy will continue to define my life as I slide into my 30s this year.

Moving right along, I know there has been a lot of pessimism expressed on this blog over the past few months. And sure I know there are lots of real problems out there for which no candidate appearing on any ballot this November offers any real solutaions. But, personally, I'm pretty pumped about the state of our country's politcal spectrum these days. Whether the Democrats take Congress or the GOP manages to hang on, I think a strong message has been sent to Washington and, more specifically, to the President that we're ready for political change. All signs point towards 2008 being a watershed election in our nation's history. And that's something we should all welcome, regardless of politcal party.

Take the issue of Iraq for example. In another era, this could have easily become another Vietnam where protestors were forced to reside on the fringe of our culture (damn hippies!) and it takes 10 years or more to accomplish real change in a flawed government policy. Not anymore. With the internet, talk radio, blogs, satellite technology, an aggressive and embedded press, and all sorts of outlets for public expression, we don't need the candlelight vigils and annoying protest marches anymore. Those of us who have been standing up to the President, Vice President, and Secretary of Defense on Iraq for several years have now gained the clear moral backing of the America public. And I believe we'll see real change soon.

My final thought. The next time you hear a Republican defend Bush's Iraq policies by saying "we need to leave decision making in Iraq to the generals on the ground", remember that if Abraham Lincoln had done the same during the Civil War, we might still have two Americas to this day. Yes, we need to trust and consider the judgments of our generals. However, we also must remember that it is our elected leaders in Washington who oversee all aspects of our government -- including our military. Let's hold them accountable, and not allow blame for the mess in Iraq to be passed either to our brave soldiers or their leaders on the ground.

Hope everyone is well. 2 more weeks till Election Day!


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