Monday, October 09, 2006

Truly Out With The Old

Here's your random political thought of the day. Assuming Uncle Dick decides to go home to Wyoming in 2008 to work on his shooting accuracy, the 2008 presidential election will be the first contest since 1952 where neither candidate for president will also be the incumbent president or vice-president. Yes, you have to go all the way back to Dwight Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson to find one where no candidate took to the campaign trail on Air Force One or Two.

I think this bodes well for our nation. Few disagree with the thought that America longs for poltical change. This will be especially true if Democrats take Congress and we experience all those fun roadbumps of a divided government.

I don't know who will be on the ballot come November 2008. Hillary? McCain? Gore? Giuliani? Edwards? Romney? Obama? Biden? Not the most exciting bunch, at least for me right now. But 2008 has all the makings of a watershed election and it should be fun.

It's 4 weeks to Election Day and I'm already looking ahead to the following election! :-)


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