Thursday, September 28, 2006

With Friends Like This...

Back to Iraq. It seems to generate more interest, which is understandable because it is a war. Sometimes we forget that. Anyway, these poll numbers from our new "partner" in the war on terror need to be seen.

WASHINGTON - 61% of Iraqis say they approve of attacks on U.S. led forces, and slightly more than that want their government to ask U.S. troops to leave within a year, according to a poll in that country.

The Iraqis also have negative views of Osama bin Laden, according to the early September poll of 1,150. More than half, 57 percent, further disapprove of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The poll, done for University of Maryland's Program on International Policy Attitudes, also found that almost 4 in 5 Iraqis say the U.S. military force in Iraq provokes more violence than it prevents.

61% of Iraqis support the continuing slaughter of American troops as they try to police their country to prevent bloodshed. Nice to know. No wonder the insurgency still isn't in its "final throes" as Dick Cheney said well over a year ago.

Furthermore, in spite of the popular support for violence targetting U.S. troops, note how Osama Bin Laden is not a popular figure in Iraq. Perhaps the "war on terror" isn't as homogenous as the administration leads us to believe? Hmmm. And perhaps Osama did not have an ally in Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi people afterall? Who would've thunk that?

Finally, note how Iran's President Ahmadinejad also carries a low approval rating amongst the Iraqi people. Too bad the new U.S. backed government doesn't share these feelings. Prime Minister Maliki can't get enough hugs from Mr. Ahmadinejad, that is when he's not busy bonding with Sheik Nassrallah over in Lebanon, of course.

This stuff keeps getting worse. I suppose we could look at this more optimistically, like Bush, and say that our 2,700 dead, 20,000 wounded, and $450 billion spent has led to a 39% of the Iraqi people opposing the killing of American troops?!? At that rate, we just might win this war on terror in a few centuries.


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