Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In Defense of George Allen

With 2,700 dead U.S. soldiers in Iraq, mounting loses from the War in Afghanistan, legitimate questions of national security, a senile Secretary of Defense, a border being overrun by invaders, record federal budget deficits, corruption in Congress, and no national energy or health care policies....apparently the #1 issue in American politics is still race. Senator George Allen's re-election campaign is on the ropes. If I lived in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I think I might vote for challenger Jim Webb myself. Afterall, I respect the man's credentials and agree with his position on Iraq.

However, Allen's detractors don't want to focus on that. Instead, after a series of incidents beginning with the "macaca" story, the vultures are circling overhead of the Senator's fallen body. And it seems now they're going in for the kill after digging up an unsubstantiated allegations that he used the word "nigger" in college 30 years ago.

I'm so tired of this. Not only is there a double standard concerning the use of that word (we sure do love that rap music), but its use can be alleged without any credible evidence. And then everyone will stop and take note in order to prove that they care, that they're above this sort of thing. Heck, I'm even doing it here! Chris Matthews - who I respect more than most of his peers - spent a full 30 minutes on this topic today. And history has proven that it can indeed swing a close election.

I sure hope the Webb campaign isn't fueling the fires here. I'd like to think the former Reagan aide is above that. I saw an interview with Allen's old "buddy" from the UVA football team who felt the voters of his state needed to learn of Allen's supposedly racist past. And so he talked and alleged some pretty mean stuff. And yet when asked why he hadn't come forth sooner, this buffoon responded that he had been hoping Allen would go away and he wouldn't have to do this.

Let's see: the man serves 4 years as Governor, another 6 as Senator, and there have been longtime rumors of a forthcoming presidential campaign. But none of that mattered. What counted was that Allen's politcal blood was in the water. And someone thought it was time to use every bullet in the gun. Even if doing so was the wrong thing to do. More of the typical sad state of American politics.

I don't know if George Allen said the "n" word or not. Unlike most, I don't care. I do care about his position on Iraq where Americans of all colors are dying. And I would care about his legislative record if there was a history of prejudice. But apparently those things just aren't as sexy as a two-syllable unsubstantiated remark supposively uttered 30 years ago.

What a country! We literally give 2nd and 3rd and 4th chances to criminals (that was actually my job for awhile). We literally re-elect politicans who lie, cheat, and steal. And Ted Kennedy literally has a job for life no matter what he does - rabble rouse at best, murder at worst. But don't you dare say a bad word. Especially that one.

Snoop Dogg for president!


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