Friday, September 01, 2006

Another Defector

The Republican Congress continues to distance itself from the White House on the volatile issue of Iraq and the handling of the war. Congressman Pat Tiberi from Ohio is the latest to break ranks with the president and Secretary of Defense.

By way of background, Tiberi has been a strong supporter of the war until this point. He's in his 3rd term serving Ohio's 12th district after replacing Rep. John Kasich in the Columbus-area and Republican-leaning seat. But Tiberi is now facing a decent challenge this November from Democrat Bob Shamansky, who recently announced that he had committed $1 million of his own money to his campaign. Like a growing number of Congressional Republicans, Tiberi must be seeing the poll numbers on Iraq and getting a little concerned. Today he told the Columbus Dispatch:

"I can’t defend how the president laid out the need for going to war in Iraq. I don’t support Rumsfeld."

Asked whether Bush has operated above the law regarding government surveillance, Tiberi's response was brief, but telling:

"He might have."

Tiberi must be taking some heat for coming over to this wimpy, ball-less, unpatriotic, best-friend-of-Osama side of mine from the White House and supporters because he has already posted an response to today's article on his Congressional website.

I have not called on Secretary Rumsfeld to resign or urged the president to remove him. Since December of 2005 I have stated publicly that I believe we need new leadership in the Pentagon. I believe this president can be better served.

Now that's some first rate double talk! Even if you can't stand how I rail against the Secretary of Defense here at TPS, at least give me some credit for offering a solitary, well-defined opinion on the issue. This guy says he isn't calling for Rummy's resignation, but also believes we need new leadership at the Pentagon because we're not being well served?? Last I checked, the Sec of Def is still in charge at the Pentagon! Another sign that the end of the GOP Congress may be near.

Oh well. Politics aside, I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. We here in South Florida got Ernesto's rain a few days ago. It wasn't that bad. Here's hoping he also goes easy on those in the Northeast and allows for one last weekend at the beach!


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