Friday, August 11, 2006

My Rant - I'm Sick of It!

I'll begin this rant by commending the work of British intelligence in foiling the recent Islamic terror plot on transatlantic flights. And I also understand the need for implementing new travel restrictions both in the UK and here in the US. But I do have a few additional thoughts on the matter.

I'm officially sick of the war on terror. I don't care who is winning and who is losing. We're all losing. I think a new approach is needed. I don't expect Bush or any other presidential frontrunner to actually take this approach, but here's my suggestion nonetheless. Let's give up. I mean it. I'm ready to give up on that pathetic little corner of the world altogether. I would withdraw all troops from the Middle East immediately. They don't want us there. And I'm sick of US lives and money being wasted there.

But what about oil? Firstly, as Iraq proves, our oil rescources are not even benefitting from our presence in the Middle East. It's still as tenuous as ever. These nations will continue to sell us oil because what else are they going to do with it? If they want Western money (and even Bin Laden wants that) they'll continue to offer oil to the West at rates we can pay.

What about the message we'd be sending to the terrorists? I actually like the message. It basically says "fuck off." Because the real emeny of people like al Quada is not the US. Instead, it is pro-Western governments in the Muslim world. I'm sick and tired of US troops and now US citizens serving as surrogates for their real enemies. If we pull out of the Middle East, Muslim governments will have no choice but to crush these groups for their own self-preservation. And we all know that they'll use successful tactics that we'd never be bold enough to employ even in our darkest moments in Abu Gharib. If not and if the people in that corner of the world honestly want terrorists to represent them, so be it. They can do whatever they want with that armpit of the world which appears to want to live like it's the year 1200.

I guess I'm just pissed and I don't know what to make of all this shit. But I will continue to value my freedom over my security, even if that apparently makes me different from most Americans. And remember, people, here's yet another example where a liberal Labor government in the UK led by a Bill Clinton clone, Tony Blair, is leading the fight against terror and doing a good job. More proof that there are alternatives to the GOP.


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