Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And For the Right

With Fidel Castro in the hospital and Cuba back in the news, I saw this on Lou Dobbs tonight. Sure, I know there's a lot more to the issue, but these numbers sure do raise questions. And it's especially odd when you consider the different ways we treat these 2 nations who comprise 40% of the world's 5 remaining Communist states:

China - population 1.3 billion
Cuba - population 11 million

China - Army of 1.3 million
Cuba - Army of 60,000

China - trade surplus with the US of $200 billion
Cuba - trade deficit with the US of $370 million

"We believe that the Cuban people aspire and thirst for democracy and that given the choice they would choose a democratic government," US State Department Spokesman Sean McCormacks said today.

Are not the Chinese thirsty too? I understand that we can't influence a nation of 1.3 billion half a world away as easily as we can one of 11 million only 90 miles away. But I do think we can (and should) do more with China to promote freedom and discourage oppression, even if still avoiding a general crusade for Chinese democracy.

Cause we sure do love those cheap hats, watches, and radios from China that are on sale now in your local Wal-Mart!


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