Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Who Needs A Message When You Can Give A Massage?

By now everyone has heard about Bush's dropping of an s-bomb during the G-8 summit. Personally, I think the sight of Bush talking with his mouth open and stuffed full of food was much more offensive than the use of the word itself. I'm a pretty big redneck too, but even I had to cringe when seeing such "cowboy diplomacy" at work. Reminds me of that recent hit song by Jake Owen Yee-haw!

However, continuing on the lighter note, the story getting much less airplay is how Bush strangely attempted to give new German chancellor Angela Merkle a back massage during the summit. Needless to say, Merkle was not impressed by those Texas ham hands. The pictures of her facial gestures hoping he'll soon stop are only topped in humor by the embarrassed expression on Bush's face as he realizes he just made an unwelcomed touch.

C'mon Georgie Boy, we already know you're enjoying even lower approval ratings than Bill Clinton during his impeachment, but do you have to try to steal his moves as well? Is Laura not giving you any until you get your ratings up? Talk about furthering the image of the ugly American. Check out TPS reader MQA's Blog to see the priceless footage Bush's unexpected and inappropriate massage.


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