Friday, July 14, 2006

More of Those Damn Polls

More bad news today for Republican chances of retaining control of Congress after the November 2006 elections. I know I'm likely to be reminded how polls don't matter. But with all due respect, I like polls and think they're a great tool. I think it's important that our elected leaders always keep a snapshot of popular opinion in mind.

Before I'm further reminded how we have a republic not a democracy, I should say that I too don't want our politicans to govern strictly by polling. However, why should our leaders also govern with a blind eye towards popular opinion, but for those fake, lie-filled months before an election? I want my leaders to be continually AWARE of what average joes think and I just don't think letter-writers to Congress are sufficient. The Bush administration and GOP Congress have buried their collective heads in the sand and ignored public opinion since Election Day 2004. Let them do so at their own risk.

Anyway, back to the poll. The July 10-12 AP-Ipsos poll put President Bush's approval rating at 36%. That's hardly news - Bush's numbers appear to have bottomed out and I'd be surprised to see them go any lower. The AP poll also showed its sample pool of "persuadable voters" (or moderates, if you will) to favor giving Democrats control of Congress by a 51% to 40% margin. However, the most revealing part of this poll is what the data reveals about the thoughts of Republicans, like me. The survey showed a respectable 24% of self-described "conservatives" plan to vote Democrat this fall.

Naturally I continue to feel vindicated by such poll results. Afterall, I too am a self-described conservative who plans to vote Democrat this fall to punish the GOP. Because the Republicans just don't seem to be listening yet. Rep. Chris Cannon (Utah), a strong supporter of Bush's plans for giving amnesty to illegal-immigrants, recently defeated his primary challenger, conservative John Jacob, by a healthy 56%to 44% margin. Cannon will likely be returned to Washington this fall. Aware of the tendency that two-term presidents have to lose Congressional seats in year 6, this voter hopes RINO Cannon will soon sit in the minority.


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