Saturday, April 08, 2006

"Blocking Tactics"

Mr. President,

Perhaps you need a civics lesson.

You see, the Framers of our Constitution didn't trust the House to legislate in a deliberative manner. To solve this problem, they instituted the Senate.

The idea was that elected officials, less beholden to local interest and with longer terms of office, would be in a position to put the breaks on reactionary legislation. The senate is SUPPOSED to take its time, to become informed about the issues, to consider the consequences of legislation that is written in a political hothouse.

Deliberation is not a "blocking tactic" and dissent is not disloyal. Get your nose out of it. You are the chief executive, not the chief legislator.

Oh, and Mr. Kennedy, shut your fat trap.

Who are YOU to say "[p]olitics got ahead of policy" on anything? You are the nation's biggest senatorial whore. More importantly, that you left a woman to die, while stumbling back to your house in a drunken stupor, destroyed any inherent right to challenge others to behave honorably.

Finally, Mr. Reid, I know you have to pretend that the Dems are a bunch of noble, hardworking, just-tryin-to-do-your-job kind of blokes, but who are you kidding in saying that the Republicans have "put partisan politics ahead of border security and immigration reform." None of you is willing to do what is right if it might cost your party, so stop pretending that Dems are faithful to their duties in the face of a political storm.

Now... y'all get back to work.


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