Monday, March 27, 2006

What is wrong with France

What the heck is wrong with the French?

The link above gives a fair analysis of the state of the protests in France today.

In case anyone is unfamiliar, the youth of France are protesting a national bill that would, effectively, change the nature of work among younger workers from that of an entitlement to that of an agreement. Basically, one's employer would be able to fire an employee for, say... failing to show up for work or being rude to customers.

Now, I know this sounds silly.

Surely no modern economy guarantees a worker his job despite his/her unwillingness to actually work? Remember that we are talking about the most disfunctional market economy in the world. It neither has the benefits, if there be such, of Socialism, nor the flexibility and energy of capitalism.

This is not new. The French economy has been laughable since WWI. So too, the ability of young French "students" to overthrow the government merely by burning cars and disrupting the socio-economic sphere is well documented.

However, please explain to me how their behavior is any different than that of their "immigrant" brethren who burned cars and disrupted the socio-economic sphere a few months ago. Only, in that case, the troublemakers were Moslem and "of color." Oh... the "immigrant" protestors were complaining about police brutality, social alienation, lack of opportunity, and the highest unemployment of any group in the country. The present protestors are complaining because... because... Well... They don't like employers being able to fire them.

Ah... France. The bastion of tolerance. The nation of Fraternity, Equality, and Liberty.

For those among our populace who harp on about "pure democracy." Take a look at France. "Pure democracy" means government impotence, public disorder, and economic chaos.


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