Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Enter Wagner

Tuck you in, warm within
Keep you free from sin
'til the - Wagner - he comes?
It is a one run game in New York entering the bottom of the ninth. The bullpen door opens, as the familiar opening chords of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” blare over the PA system. Out walks…

Billy Wagner?

You look around and make sure you aren’t dreaming. You aren’t. You are just sitting in Shea Stadium, rather than Yankee Stadium. But everything else is exactly as you see it.

And that will be the scene come this spring.

No, I’m not making it up. New York’s newest closer, the crown jewel of the Mets’ off-season restructuring, enters games to the same song as the Yankees’ longtime closer, Mariano Rivera. And the first time Wagner enters a game and “Enter Sandman” plays, a controversy is going to erupt unlike any New York baseball has seen in a long, long time.
Evidently Wagner's been using "Enter Sandman" since at least the 2000 season, but that won't matter. It is true that New Yorkers believe that the world revolves around the city, but as arrogant a lot as New Yorkers are, the Yankee fan is a doubly arrogant beast. No doubt this will give the fanbase that believes it is their birthright to be world champions every year something else to bitch about besides Randy Johnson choking in the clutch again.

At any rate, this looming battle will induce heavy thoughts tonight.

But they won't be of Snow White.


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