Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Will Ray Nagin just please SHUT THE HELL UP

Continuing with our idioterian series, next up is New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, who put his foot into his mouth once more:
"Surely God is mad at America. He sent us hurricane after hurricane after hurricane, and it's destroyed and put stress on this country," Nagin said as he and other city leaders commemorated Martin Luther King Day. "Surely he doesn't approve of us being in Iraq under false pretenses. But surely he is upset at black America also. We're not taking care of ourselves."
And then added:
"We ask black people ... It's time for us to come together. It's time for us to rebuild New Orleans — the one that should be a chocolate New Orleans," Nagin said Monday. "This city will be a majority African American city. It's the way God wants it to be. You can't have New Orleans no other way. It wouldn't be New Orleans."
These are words that most assuredly call to mind the great Martin Luther King, Jr., who, as I recall said:
I have a dream. I have a dream that we will live in a society obsessed with race, where we will judge men not based on the content of their character, but on the color of their skin. I have a dream where so-called black leaders will use race to shake down individuals and organizations in order to line their pockets. I have a dream that a major city will be majority black and indeed be chocolate. Because I like chocolate. I had a dream about chocolate, but I can't share it right now. It involves . . . well, anyway, I have a dream. I have a dream that generations of people will come after me and totally misrepresent my views and advocate the establishment of the very type of society I worked my entire life to eradicate. I have a dream that race hustlers will spit on my memory and help foster further the racial divide that permeates this nation.
Or something like that.

Speaking of idiot politicians, don't miss TSL's takedown of a certain junior Senator from New York.


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