Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union

All right, things are about to begin. Comment away.

Updated Hit read more to see last night's running commentary.

9:01 Pregame on Fox, and Chris Wallace observes: "If you're a political junkie, this is the Super Bowl."

He's right. It's an overhyped event that usually winds up being an overlong snoozefest with too many break.

9:05 Unrelated, sort of, but reports are that Cindy Sheehan has just been arrested by Capitol Police. John Miller quips, Last Minute Line Edit: "Cindy Sheehan is in federal custody, and the state of the union is good."

9:09 Da Prez is in Da House! (That'll be the last time I do that, I promise)

9:11 Sheehan detained, not arrested, they are reporting.

9:13 Starts by noting Coretta Scott King's passing. Long applause.

9:14 Call for civility. "The state of our union is strong, and together we will make it stronger."

9:15 Strong words against isolationism and protectionism. Pat Buchanan's head just exploded.

9:16 Future security of America tied in with ridding despotism abroad. Pat Buchanan is now having a full seizure.

9:16 The spread of democracy. At the start of 2006, more than half of ppl live in democracy, and we won't forget the rest. Justice requires their freedom as well. Hmmmmmm . . .

9:17 Radical Islam as enemy of freedom and democracy. They arm themselves with weapons of mass destruction murder. "We love our freedom, and we will fight to keep it.

9:19 Some real meat, and responds to the Murtha Democrats. We cannot retreat from the world, and the terrorists will merely move the battle front if we do. Again, beats up on the isolationists.

9:21 Stresses the slow improvements in Iraq. Moving from tyranny to sovereignty to democracy. "We are winning." That will no doubt get a lot of play. Applause was not strong.

9:23 Military commanders, not politicians, will decide when we pullout. Weeeeelll, they do have a say, George. Just saying. The military really can't stay there if they don't get funded. But stronger applause with that one.

9:24 Second guessing is not a strategy. You know, his tone never changes, so you can't really tell when he's attacking his opponents. But he is. I know he wants to present an even tone, but show some emotion. Just a little. But he's emphasizing - and doing a good job of it despite the tone - the need to stand firm. It's a message that needs to be harped upon.

9:26 Personal story time.

9:28 Once again, Bush is stressing the word "freedom." This is the common theme of his second term. But he also notes that elections are only the beginning. Would that people only understood that. Notes the Palestinian election: Strong words. Hamas must disarm and recognize Israel's right to resists. Again, great that he said it, but put a little oomph in it baby!

9:29 This is good stuff. Democracy will not look the same in the ME as in US because of unique culture and traditions, but liberty is goal of all nations.

On to Iran.

9:30 First time tonight. It is NEW-CLEAR. NEW-CLEAR.

9:31 Personal message to the Iranians.
Moving onto economic aspects of foreign policy. AIDS/HIV. Fighting AIDS, malaria, rewarding nations that re moving forward with economic and political reform. Must renew these efforts. Compassion.

9:34 Renew the Patriot Act (AMEN!) Dems not applauding.

9:34 Moving on to surveillance/FISA. Presidents have used this authority before. Etc. We will not sit back and wait until we get hit again. Shot of Hillary grinning like a goofball.

9:36 Isolationism is definitely a taboo word in the Bush household. Anyway, more language about supporting the troops. Okay, we get it.

9:37 Moving onto domestic affairs, and touts the economy, we're doing great compared to the west. But we can't be complacent. Now he's moving onto the other taboo: protectionism. Uh oh. Our economy cannot function without immigrants. Well, I'm no economist, but something tells me he is overselling the point.

9:39 The goods of the tax cut. Need to max tax cuts permanent. Wow. Great pic: All of the GOP standing up, all Dems sitting. I think that's going to be a tough battle, one worht pursuing. But if you think the Alito fight was tough, something tells me we ain't seen nothing yet.

14 billion in spendiung cuts! Why whhat a radical plan. How will our government sustain itself with such enormous cuts. Wow, I am just overwhelmed.

Earmark reform. Yes, good stuff, but . . .

Line item veto? Ummm, Clinton v. New York?

9:43 Baby boomers are starting to retire, and boy are we FUCKED.

Heh. Democrats stand and applaud their obstinance on social security, and then he screws up the retort. Damn it. I'm glad the Democratic party revels in its utter worthlessness. It's good to be reminded of why I will never vote for any of them so long as I live.

9:44 Three cheers for the American worker!

9:45 hey, look, it's President Man for All Seasons. Tighter borders, but a reasonable amnesty.

Great. Next line: abortions for some, miniature American flags for everyone else.

9:47 Health care. Sing it with me: Triangulation time, come on. Woo-hoo!

9:49 Must end addiction to oil. Gov. program to encourage renewables etc. I'll just say this once: CLEAN COAL. CLEAN COAL. CLEAN COAL. All right, I said it three times.

9:50 Move beyond a pretoleum based economy, make reliance on ME a thing of the past.

American Competetiveness Initiative. Oh good God.

9:51 America: leading the world in opportunity and innovation for decades to come! That's a bumper sticker for you.

9:55 Is this Bush's anti-malaise speech?

9:56 Give it up for Roberts and Alito! Judges must not legislate from the bench. Yada yada. And now it's time to suck up to Sandra Day. That's right baby! And millions of aborted children should tip their caps to her as well.

9:57 Calls for a ban on cloning. Okay.

Politicians should be responsible to the public? This is resounding stuff.

9:59 Is HIV/AIDS now the official name? Aren't they technically different things? (Well, one's the virus, the other the disease caused by the virus. Science was not my best subject)

Sorry, after an hour this gets a little boring. Come on, wind this thing down already.

10:02 A stirring call to something as he wraps it up.

Thank you Mr. President. You've once again demonstrated that Thomas Jefferson got at least one thing right. Give the speech to the clerk, and have him deliver it to Congress, because that was incredibly uneventful.

Okay, it wasn't truly awful. I'm glad he emphasized Islamic terrorism, and evidently CAIR's already getting pissy about it. And it sounds like we're getting serious with Iran. But the rest of it is the usual bag of goodies for the American public. It would be nice if just one time the President of the United States didn't play Santa Clause during the State of the Union, but I suppose I might as well keep waiting for Godot.


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