Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Posted at Confirm Them, but I've got a special unedited ending for my Political Spectrum readers.

At first when I heard the news about Mrs. Alito crying at the conclusion of the hearings today, I was merely upset for her. It must be difficult to hear your husband attacked as hers has on ethical grounds, with several Senators more than implying that perhaps he is a racist. But the more I reflect on what has transpired, my mood has turned even angrier. I am fed up with the Democratic party and its leadership, and I have ENOUGH of the underlying assumption that conservatives are all just racists at heart. A good man has had his character maliciously impugned in order that tinfoil hat-wearing moonbats can be assuaged by the lords of their political party.

Edward Kennedy is a sad, pathetic old man. He represents the very worst of all of American politics. The privileged son of anti-Semetic, bootlegging, womanizing jerk, he has the gumption to even remotely impugn any element of Alito’s character? This same man who left a woman to drown while he got away free to booze away the rest of his life is now sitting on high in the Senate chamber to accuse Samuel Alito of being a racist for his half-hearted participation in a student group over 30 years ago. If it weren’t so infuriating it would almost be funny. But it’s not. It’s disgusting and shameful.

Does any Democrat on the judiciary committee truly believe that Samuel Alito is a racist? I would wager that deep down they absolutely know he is not a racist, but in their sick and desperate attempt to take down this man by any means at their disposal to appease the rav ing lunatics that now makeup an ever-growing proportion of their party, they will smear him. It is absolutely sickening to see that sanctimonious vermin representing my EX- home state of New York to pontificate as he does, to pretend to be somehow morally and intellectually superior to the man he is questioning.

I have had enough of this. This farce is not about constitutional principles, not in the least. At first I accepted that, knowing full well that this was not a serious attempt to grapple with Alito’s qualifications and philosophy. But it has become a sick sideshow all for the glorification of people who aren’t worthy to lick Samuel Alito’s shoes.

I hope that when Ted Kennedy wakes up tomorrow, butt naked in a pile of his own vomit after yet another bender, he realizes the twisted piece of shit he has become, and how much he has contributed to fucking up this country, a mission started by his scumbag of a father. It is a wonder that anyone can look at his gigantic skull without wanting to spit right onto his face. I can only ponder the mindnumbed morons in the state of Massachusetts who keep voting for this cocksucking pig. There are plenty of liberals in the state, can't they find one who did not leave a woman dead at the bottom of the water?


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