Thursday, January 19, 2006

Drink from the bottle on the last day

Let me see if I have this right...

Chirac warns that any sponsors of terror on French soil should expect that France may respond with nuclear weapons. Let me repeat that.

Sponsors of terror against France should expect a nuclear response.

Sentencing a man to death for violent murder is inhumane. Refusing to sign on to the Kyoto protocols is irresponsible. Failing to stop the genocide in Sudan is unconscionable. Preempting a terrorist attack is unlawful.

BUT... Nuking the ignorant population of a terrorist state is OK as long as the terrorists started it.

Which states, pray tell, is he talking about anyway? I thought that Chirac was still scoffing at Bush's identification of Iran and NK as rogue states. Isn't the analysis of a government as "evil" oversimplified and evidence of ignorance?

So, the question on the table is whether there is EVER a time to nuke another nation as a response to a terrorist attack. I would suggest that, if the deterrent value of nuclear weapons requires a willingness to use them against innocent populations, there is never a time in which a nuclear response to a terrorist attack is just.


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