Thursday, December 29, 2005

I know, I know

I am back in town after a festive Christmas. There are quite a few issues to tackle, and hopefully I can get to at least some of them today.

But first, a public mea culpa. Yeah, got that Giant-Skins game a little bit wrong. Silly old me had no idea that the Giants wouldn't be able to play defense. I guess I'm just silly to expect Will Allem to, you know, cover someone. Here are some words of advice Will. First of all it's okay to take a quick glance back at the ball. Just staring at the receiver as he catches the ball is NOT really playing defense. Also, merely throwing your body at a receiver - again, not really the best form of defense. You might want to throw your arms around the person and bring them down to the ground. It's a little thing - it's a technical term that they use in football . . . what's it called? Oh, yeah, TACKLING. Oh, and Jeremy, shut the fuck up and actually continue playing until they blow the whistle.

On the bright side, Atlanta managed to knock themselves out of the playoffs with one of the dumbest coaching decisions in the history of the sport. Let's see, there's a minute left in OT, your team must win the game - a tie pretty much eliminates you from playoff contention - and it's fourth down. Do you go for it? No, silly, of course you punt it away and in doing so piss away any chance you've got at making the playoffs, and, if you're coach Mora, any chance you've got of actually coming back to the team next year. Huzzah, huzzah.


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