Monday, December 05, 2005

"Former Stanford Dean Fails California Bar Exam"

Does this mean that we can rest assured that Kathleen Sullivan will ever be on the Supreme Court? (Seen at HA.) Yes, the bar exam is difficult and many smart people fail it every year; these results can be due to nerves, a bad day, overconfidence, or untold number of other causes.

And the post goes on to discuss other prominent people who attained high office after failing the exam once (or more than once). But let me suggest that Kathleen Sullivan is nevertheless doomed. Most people attaining high office who failed the exam would have failed it 30 years or more in the past; her failure will be relatively close in time to any future nomination, which means that it will be fresh in the memory of her opponents. (And its sting will be fresh in her own memory.)

Thank goodness. At least one radical has been disqualified from the Court. Now just 10,000 more law professors to go.


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