Friday, November 25, 2005

More Immigration Nonsense

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So... we should corrupt the principle of Jus Soli because it encourages people to come to the US to have "anchor babies" but push through a "guest worker program." Never mind that "Guest Worker Program" is merely a euphamism for "Legalization." Never mind that the last 3 legalization/amnesty programs created a huge backlog of immigration cases and encouraged millions to come to the US illegally. Which fricken planet does Congress live on?

Immigration has managed a Special Agricultural Worker Program, a Section 245A Legalization Program, and LIFE Act Legalization in order to "bring illegal immigrant communities out of the shadows." All 3 created a special privacy right for applicants that effectively barred enforcement while encouraging massive fraud.

Immigrant advocacy groups then sued INS for "front desking" them; that is, telling them that they didn't meet prima facie eligibility criteria. All 3 suits are now collapsed into "Newman v. USCIS." In the settlement, we are required to accept legalization applications from anyone who tried to file back in the 1980s. However this population of legalization cases is no better than the others. There are few approvable cases and a huge number patently fraud applications. Again, Immigration can't do a damn thing to them b/c Congress gave them a privacy right that trumps enforcement.

My point to this tirade is that Jus Soli is one of the pillars of citizenship law. It comes from the earliest attempts to define citizenship for the fledgeling nation and seems to cause negligible ill-effects. Legalization/amnesty is the bastard heir of immigrant pandering.

As for the "anchor baby" syndrome... whose damn fault is that? I've admitted alien women at the Port of Entry who were so close to having their baby that we thought we should call emergency services on the spot. However, since State issued them a visa and their story checked out, we had little cause to turn them around. Furthermore, Congress harasses us regularly for failing to admit aliens or failing to give them immigrant benefits.

Hey... Congress... Make up your damn minds!! Don't encourage millions of people to obtain visas through fraud and then mess with settled areas of law like Jus Soli as a public relations stunt.


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