Tuesday, November 22, 2005


This is the sort of post they designed the read more tag for.  Jay Nordlinger would be proud.

-Ted Stevens recently threatened to quit the Senate – which he has been a member of for 37 years – if the funding to the bridge to nowhere were stripped away.  Well, technically said funding has been done away with, but has been replaced by a generic bloc grant to the state of Alaska.  Hmm, wonder where that money will end up?  

His principal opponent was Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, a citizen legislator in every sense of the word.  He self term-limited himself to three terms in the House, and went back to private practice.  He returned to Congress as a Senator, and has promised to run for re-election but once.  Meanwhile, he has maintained his medical practice, but the Senate’s arcane rules prohibit him from running the business – while at the same time Senators Boxer and Mikulski are permitted to “write” “novels” and garner the royalties.  Coburn, of course, had the temerity to suggest that in the wake of Hurricane Katrina it was unwise to waste taxpayer monies on silly pork projects, and for his foray in political courage he has been rewarded with the scorn of worthless politicians like Stevens.

The dichotomy between Stevens and Coburn could not be graver.  The former is a power-hungry miser who has grown fat from too many comfy years in the Senate.  Coburn, meanwhile, lives up to the Founders’ ideal of citizen legislators who would rather be defeated in election than betray his principles.  

I am not quite sure what Senators like Stevens are so afraid of.  Would he really have been thrown out of office had he failed to win millions of dollars for a project that would have benefited fewer people than you see on your average Subway car during rush hour?  And even if he had, so what?  You run for election, and you lose, and then . . .?  What?  Banishment?  No, a lucrative million dollar paying job lobbying on K Street.  What exactly drives these mongrels who have betrayed all sense of common decency to repeatedly sit for re-election as though being a member of Congress was the only worthwhile endeavor in all of mankind?  

Stevens, Kennedy, Byrd and others of their ilk contribute nothing to society, but their smug refusal to let go of power are felt every time we receive a paycheck.  See that chunk of salary forfeited to the government?  Yeah, blame those fat worthless fucks.  Meanwhile true citizens like Coburn are deprived of continuing a practice which actually benefits humanity.  

Your Senate in action, folks.

-  Speaking of the Senate, the dolts at the NRSC must be wondering why they are falling behind the DSCC in fundraising.  Could it be their mind-numbing decision to back RINO Lincoln Chaffee over his conservative challenger?  Why on Earth would any Conservative of good conscience contribute to this sack of shite’s re-election campaign?  We are told repeatedly by Republican kool-aid drinkers that we have back these sorry Senators because otherwise – GASP – the Democrats might win back control of Congress.  For one, such a sentiment indicates a complete lack of confidence in the ability of conservatives to win general elections – as though Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich never happened.  More importantly, why exactly are we supposed to keep putting our blind trust in a party that has shown no ability to curb its gluttonous appetite for spending, advocate a sensible energy policy that would ignore the blind ignorance of the environmentalist lobby, and stand up to the losers who would have us run tail in Iraq?  When exactly are we supposed to reap the rewards of “compromise” on issues like education policy, prescription drugs, and McCain-Feingold?  Pray tell when do we actually get to elect real conservatives to the Senate rather than appease the gods of moderation?

- Oh yeah, there is that whole matter of winding up with a Democratic Party majority.  It says an awful lot that the pathetic Republican Party is the better of the two alternatives.  You know, I have maintained an affinity for the two-party system, but nothing has shaken my faith in the system like watching these clowns in action.  For as completely awful as the GOP has been, nothing compared to the intellectual vacuousness of the Democratic Party.  

It seems that rather than offer up any meaningful program of substantive policy reform, the denizens of the left are stuck in some silly tar-pit whereby they can chirp about nothing other than the supposed hypocrisy of conservatives.  As you all know by now, we’re all just a bunch of chickenhawks who are utterly depraved for criticizing war heroes like Kerry and Murtha.  As mouldfan’s wonderfully recent cherry-picked listing shows, it is the Democratic Party that has supplied all the wonderful patriots, while the GOP are just a bunch of yell-bellied cowards.  Never mind the fact that nearly three-quarters of the men and women actually currently serving in our armed forces back the Iraq War, we must instead listen to the ravings of men stuck in the jungles of Vietnam.  

What’s amazing is that the left continues to throw these golden idols at us as though we should stop everything and bow down at their supposed moral superiority.  First it was Mother Sheehan and her “absolute moral authority.”  Of course the left ignored her more whacky notions, such as her virulent anti-Israel comments, and her utter objection to even the Afghan campaign.  

And now the next candidate for canonization is Congressman Murtha, a man so brave that he voted against the very policy he advocated just the day before.  

And of course there was John Kerry, who reported for duty only a few decades after accusing his fellow soldiers of war crimes and completely lying about his war record.

But no, it is conservatives who are malicious liars sent by the Lucifer himself.  We’re not really originalists seeking a non-partial interpretation of the Constitution; rather we’re ideologues who want to use the Constitution to advance our own ends.  And even though we advocate true color-blindness, really we’re just a bunch of hicks bent on subordinating all non-whites.  Never mind the fact that the Democrats are the only ones who have an ex-Klansman in their midst, and who feel no shame about throwing Oreo cookies at black Republicans.  None of that matters, for it is the Democratic Party that truly cares about “African-Americans,” even if that concern manifests itself only once every two years in early November.

- Finally, I just wanted to touch upon Uncomfirmable’s post on Tookie Williams.  As an opponent of the death penalty, this should be an easy case.  Williams “reformed” himself in prison and went on to regret his slayings.  Well, you know what?  That and a couple of bucks will buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  The man deprived – without any due process that I am aware of – the life and most certainly the liberty of several of his human beings, and the gang he created repeated this action thousands of times.  He could spend the rest of his life knitting pretty Christmas sweaters for all I care, and that would not change the fact that he is a lout who deserves worse than whatever earthly fate will befall him.  Chalk this up to simple human bloodlust – and it may be – but Tookie Williams murdered his fellow man, and he did so maliciously and with no remorse at the time.  Animals do not kill so callously.  

I repented of my pro-death penalty stance shortly after college, but it is not an easy position to maintain.  Seeing the brain-dead, bleeding heart reaction to Tookie’s so-called reformation actually pushes me closer to the position I once held.  I cannot believe that so-called intelligent human beings can be so easily duped by his late transformation.  It is a change of heart that the folks at the gates will more aptly be able to judge, but those of us in this moral coil are relegated to judging actions in the here and now.  And while we can hope for the sake of his soul that he repented of his actions, it will never bring back the lives of those he slew.  Of course, neither will execution, and there’s the rub.  

It is an insult to the memory of those he killed, and to the thousands his followers killed, to celebrate overmuch Tookie Williams’ late reformation.  Good for him.  But may he never see the open air again.


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