Monday, October 31, 2005

It Begins

First of all, excellent pick, Mr. President. I have to tip my hat to him for getting it right, and for disregarding gender politics. Kudos.

Second, as Gipper predicted, the left-wing bashing has begun in earnest. Feddie is compiling some gems over on Confirm Them. A few of my favorites thus far:
“This is another altar boy heading for the court to force winger Catholicism on the whole country. And yes, I know this type well, unfortunately, from personal experience.”

"Isn’t he the consigliaro for the Bada Bing Club?”

"What’s the deal? Are we moving toward an all Roman Catholic court?”
The horror! Another one of them greasy-haired eye-talians on the Court? Why, I bet he shows up wearing a sauce-stained wife-beater on his first day on the Court. And I suppose he brings knives to gun fights as well. Well, let's see if they let him and his dago moustache sit on the highest Court in the land. We must not let our fine judiciary be soiled with Catholic Italians from the northeast. We know what sort of trouble them wops can be.


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