Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State of the Union

If there was one thing that Jefferson got right - besides the Declaration of Independence - it was his decision to submit his State of the Union or message to Congress in writing and have his secretary deliver it. Unfortunately Woodrow Wilson would restart the practice of having the president recite it in person, and as a result we're stuck with out annual snoozefest. Honestly, has there ever been a memorable State of the Union address? Oh sure, we got "axis of evil" a few years back, but does anybody remember much else about the speech? And of course before that we were made to endure Bill Clinton's annual marathon. I am pretty sure he is still at the podium delivering his final State of the Union.

Well, regardless, I will be watching tonight and keeping an eye on how many goodies the President promises. Actually, with a little luck he might remember that he is (allegedly) a conservative and might scale back a thing or two. But I'm not holding my breath.

The Washington Times previews the address, noting that the first half will concen itself with domestic issues, while the latter half will discuss foreign policy. The majority of the domestic agenda will revolve around social security reform, while the foreign policy side will no doubt concentrate on events in Iraq, though I assume Bush will also offer a more concrete outline of what he discussed at the inaugural.

At any rate, I expect to be on-line later to do a bit of live-blogging. See you there.


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