Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Not sure whether ot laugh or cry

Earlier today Iraqi militants claimed to have captured an American soldier and taken him hostage. They even have the photos to prove it. There was only one catch: it looks like all they managed to take hostage was a toy. Yup. Those scary terrorists are holding a genuine American toy soldier hostage. No word on when they will decapitate it/him, though it appears that his wife, Barbie, is very distraught over this situation.

Meanwhile, the folks at Powerline report another string of kidnappings. You have to see it for yourselves, but I will just say that it looks like Elmo and Mr. Bill are in a bad way.

Update: Meanwhile, Ace of Spades offers a top ten list of other terrorist threat. Among the highlights:
5. "You have no chance of defeating us in Iraq, in Afghanistan, or in high-stakes games of Hungry Hungry Hippos"

4. "We have Jarts and we're not afraid to use them"

3. "If our demands are not met immediately, we will begin pestering your female soldiers with our great stockpiles of Mr. Microphones; they will not be able to sleep, for our constant utterances of Hey good-looking, be back to pick you up later!"

2. "Deliver Donald Rumsfeld to us as a war criminal for trial or we will take our collection of Muppets and pose them in the most insidiously-sexual of manners; verily, your children will weep bitter tears when they witness Elmo being sodomized by the deviant Gonzo and his pansexual chickens"


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