Thursday, January 27, 2005

Random Question

There's a great new blog out called The Conservative Philosopher that contains a number of, well, philosophically conservative bloggers discussing things from a more academic standpoint. Anyway, there's a post on there called the Essence of Conservatism that's well worth the read, though you have to scroll down a bit to find it because as of yet I have not discovered a permalink.

One thing about the post is that there are quite a few parenthetical statements (you know, like this), which caused a question to pop into my head to ask you guys: do you read parenthetical statements? Meaning, do you gloss over things contained in parenthesis, or perhaps take what resides within less seriously? I had a high school English teacher that absolutely hated the use of parenthesis and exlamation points, so that always creeps into my head, though I certainly use them and use them often.

Also, and this is another question I ask out of curiosity: Do you read footnotes or endnotes. This pertains more to academic reading, though most of you are familiar with law review endnotes of course. Do you read them, and if you do, do you read all of them?

Finally, do you like pie? Okay, that last one was gratuitous.


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