Sunday, January 23, 2005

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I always seem to be stuck out in Crystal City when a snowstorm hits the area, and so it is this weekend. Though it doesn't seem we were hit quite as hard as the rest of you folks up a little more north and east, there was the usual apocalytic paranoia that hits the DC area every time it snows. You know, it would be nice if the residents of this metropolis would take a second, pause, reflect, and finally come to the realization that we LIVE IN THE FREAKING NORTHEAST, thus, it will snow from time to time in the winter. NEWSFLASH: we do not live in Miami. Also, a few words of advice to the geniuses that run the snow emergency or whatever agencies: how about plowing during the snowstorm instead of waiting until every last drop of snow has fallen to the ground? What a concept. Maybe this way people will actually be able to drive around town. Sigh.

All kevetching aside, it is nice to see snow, and the Nation's Capital does look a tad lovelier when there's a few inches on the ground. And I must remark that for once Metro seemed to continue running effectively, though I think it's a bit sad to commend the system for not being crippled by a minor snowstorm, especially when cities like Boston and New York, which have much older transit systems, rarely become as bogged down as DC.

ANyway, lets get ready for some football.


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