Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Johnny Carson

I had not planned on mentioning the passing of Johnny Carson, but something on Adult Swim before the beginning of Family Guy recalled my distant memories of the Tonight Show. Anyone familiar with Adult Swim (as the Cartoon Network's late night programming is called) knows about their messages, so they had something tonight about being too young to watch Carson, yet staying up to watch him for a little and going to sleep happy, even if they didn't know why.

That's how I felt. I was but a young lad when Carson was on the air - being 15 when he retired. Still I would watch him for a few minutes on by little black and white television, often trying to hide the fact from my parents that I was indeed watching tv at 11:30 at night. On non-school nights I could watch him a bit more, though I usually just stayed up for the opening monologue and skit - kind of like I still do with Conan.

Anyway, this is not exactly the most inspiring story of all time, but it was nice to recall a little bit of my youth. Carson was great. He just cracked me up. He had an impeccable comic timing, and was funny even when he wasn't funny.

God bless you Johnny.


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