Sunday, January 23, 2005

It's funny because it's probably true

  • Scrappleface
  • As the clock wound down to the Eagles first NFC championship in four consecutive attempts, confused Philadelphia fans began booing an incompetent food vendor who dropped a hotdog.

    "I felt sorry for the poor guy," said one Conshohocken resident who witnessed the verbal assault. "Philadelphia fans are just so accustomed to booing at the end of the NFC title game, that when the Eagles won they had to vent on someone."

    The vendor escaped without injury, however, he said he's still in shock.

    "I thought they liked me," said the man, still trembling. "It was always 'Hey, Hot Dog man!' They always seemed happy to see me. Then I drop one dog, and suddenly they're on me like sauerkraut."

    Well, congrats to the Eagles at any rate. Now they've earned the right to get their asses kicked by the Patriots in two weeks. Good luck!


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