Monday, January 24, 2005

It's already over

Tory political operatives are alrfeady suggesting that they have no hope of winning the general election in May, accoring to the Times
MICHAEL HOWARD’S election guru has told him that the Conservatives have no hope of winning the next general election.
The crushing blow from Lynton Crosby, the Australian campaign expert hired by Mr Howard at great expense to bring about a surprise Tory victory, came as Mr Howard attempted yesterday to put immigration and asylum at the heart of the party’s election campaign.

The opposition leader was accused of desperation for his personal pledge to restrict immigration to Britain, to be presented in a speech today as a Tory vote-winner.
While this comes as news to next to no one, it not very heartening when one of your closest political advisers tells you it's over three months before the election. Of course the Tories have no one to blame but themselves for their situation, though I must commend Michael Howard for actually having a spine on illegal immigration, unlike a certain President George Bush who shall remain nameless.


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