Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Inaugural fun facts

A few interesting notes 24 hours before the re-inauguration of President Bush.

-This will be the first successive re-inauguration we have had since Grant followed Lincoln.*

-There are still 1462 days to go, but if Bush completes this second term it will be the first time we have had successive two-full-term Presidents since Madison and Monroe. Add Jefferson to the mix, and we had three-in-a-row.

-Bush is the first president to complete a full-term of office without issuing a veto since Martin Van Buren, our 8th President (as anyone who watches Seinfeld should know), who served from 1837-1841. It should also be noted that Bill Clinton failed to cast a veto during the 103rd Congress, the last in which his party had contol of Congress. No president whose party controled Congress has cast a veto since Jimmy Carter.

*: By this I mean having two presidents, elected in their own right, delivering back-to-back inaugural addresses.


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