Friday, January 28, 2005

Don't just sit there . . .

Seriously, don't just sit there. Evidently doctors have discovered a new way to lose weight.
THE quest for a slim figure need not involve a strict diet or hours in the gym: scientists have discovered that fidgeting can help to fight the flab.
People who carry a few extra pounds sit still for longer periods than those who are slim, according to research that suggests ordinary movements have a more powerful effect on body shape than exercise.

Activities as trivial as tidying the house, playing a musical instrument or even tapping the feet can burn enough calories to make the difference between fat and thin.

The findings come from a bizarre ten-day study in which volunteers wore high-tech underwear that monitored movement. They explain why some people stay slim despite a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.
I'm about the fidgetiest person I know, and yet . . .well, I shudder to think would would happen if I stopped fidgeting.


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