Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Blog roundup

Most people are familiar with the bigger named blogs and read them on a regular basis, but I just wanted to point the way over the links on the side and highlight some of the less-populated - but well worth reading - blogs.

Geek Soap Box is the platform of a high-school friend from New York. A fellow Met fan, conservative, and (unlike me) cartoon reading geek, Mr. TSL (not sure if he wishes to remain anonymous)offers his insights on a wide range of issues.

Garfield Ridge is a pretty cool site which I encountered after the spectacular NRO-fest this past weekend. Dave also writes on a variety of topics, though he has special expertise on defense issues.

I'll just use the masthead to describe Mover Mike: Mike is a retired stock broker, and now supports his wife's furniture business. He is her warehouseman, deluxer, and marketing guru. In addition, he writes poetry and finds abundance, health and joy in the world around him while pondering life's little mysteries.

The American Scene has gained a wider audience recently, but they provide very thoughtful analysis of current-events issues. All of them are really good, but Ross Douthat in particular covers a lot of the same issues I do regarding conservatism and his is a more traditional viewpoint.

That's just a small roundup. Check them out if you get a chance.


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