Monday, January 10, 2005

And the Winner Is . . .

Yes, we may only be ten days into the calendar year, but we already have the winner of the most delusional, self-serving press release of the year: Mary Mapes. Courtesy of Discarded Lies
It is noteworthy the panel did not conclude that these documents are false. Indeed, in the end, all that the panel did conclude was that there were many red flags that counseled against going to air quickly. I never had control of the timing of any airing of a 60 Minutes segment; that has always been a decision made by my superiors. Airing this story when it did, was also a decision made by my superiors, including Andrew Heyward. If there was a journalistic crime committed here, it was not by me. Those superiors also made the decision to give the White House little time to consider or respond to the Killian documents. Contrary to the conclusions of the panel, I vetted all aspects of the story with my editors. In fact, as I have always done with my editors, I told them everything.

There just comes a time when all you can really do is shake your head, smile, and move on.


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