Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Natural Law and the Constitution

Feddie over at Southern Appeal has what promises to be the beginning of an interesting discussion regarding the role of "natural law" in interpreting the Constitution. As I am sure that several of my co-bloggers would like to join in this discussion, I'll point out what I know. From what I can glean at this point, Feddie is arguing that the Ninth Amendment incorporated natural law principles into the Constitution and thus, any constitutional interpretation ought to take that philosophy into consideration though what he terms "Natural Law Originalism" (it may be that others, as he points to Justice Thomas, have coined this phrase, but I don't know if Thomas has ever used this exact phrase). Take a look at the post, because some of the comments thus far are quite interesting and should spur some heated disagreements. Feddie promises more on the subject, and I for one will eagerly wait for what he has to say before providing any of my own substantive commenting.


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