Friday, December 03, 2004

Lord Acton was a very smart guy

Lord Acton, of course, is responsible for the adage "absolute power corrupts absolutely," which is certainly applicable to the present GOP majority of our government. With control of the two "elected" branches of government as well as a majority on SCOTUS, the GOP for the next two years has the fate of public policy in its hands.

Here's an excerpt from the Boston Globe at what they have done since taking over the House in 1994.

This of course doesn't include the latest Delay rule change or the Istook staffers inclusion of anti-taxpayer privacy language into the Omnibus Appropriations Bill (to the GOP's credit they are going to conviene next week to strip this provision from the House bill, the Senate did so before Thanksgiving). One can only hope that things get better, but as is often said "things often get worse before they get better," so there is little to be optimistic about.


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