Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Diamonds are a man's worst enemy

Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but if every kiss begins with a bauble from Kay, then you're either dating, or married to, a whore.
This gem from Jonah Goldberg in The Corner on those stupid Kay Jeweler commericals sparked a day-long discussion of the need of men to buy expensive jewelry for their girlfriends/fiances/wives. Especially funny was this response from Tim Graham:
And an additional Amen on those ads with the pigeons in the courtyard flying away as the woman says "I looove this man" AFTER she gets the ice. It makes you wish they did those really honest ads, where the announcer says, "Are you an emotionally distant loser? Your wife doesn't know you love her because you're a cold fish and couldn't show warmth in a blizzard? Give her some expensive jewelry to do your talking for you." Thoughtful gift-buying is important, but the thought of lovers being this greedy is off-putting.
AMEN! Now I am not saying it is necessarily wrong to buy nice jewelry on occasion, but why in the hell is it necessary to spend five thousand dollars or more to buy a freaking rock (that's all a diamond is) in order to show your girlfriend that you love her adequately enough to justify her marrying you? What's more, diamond prices are kept artificially high because DeBeers stocks surplus diamonds away in order to keep up the appearance that they are in fact rare.

Not that I am bitter on this subject or anything.


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