Thursday, December 14, 2006

I think I saw this on the West Wing...

Not at all taking away from the real serious health problems facing Sen. Tim Johnson, but since the media jackals are already making hay, I thought I'd raise the issue in our little forum here....

In the event that Johnson cannot continue to serve (and you can bet that Reid and Pelosi are watching Weekend at Bernies on loop right now...and yes, I am going to hell for that one) , does our political climate permit the GOP to guide SD's Republican Governor Mike Rounds to nominate someone like Sen. Johnson's challenger (and SD's former Senator, uber-social conservative John Thune), or does the GOP have to at least appear to err on the side of magnanimity and choose a right-leaning Dem (i.e., someone more like Sen. Johnson, who although I don't know well, can't imagine is too far left)? Apolitically speaking as possible, would appointment of a Republican be a complete affront to our Democratic process, or a shrewd and totally fair (based on the relevant law) way for the GOP to capitalize on this "opportunity."


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