Friday, December 01, 2006

Clancy to make a comeback?

Those of us that sorely miss Tom Clancy's older work (and think he's kinda lost in the desert without the coldwar), may find encouragement in recent goings on with Mother Russia:

"EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso voiced concern about the case. "We have a problem with Russia. In fact, we have several problems. Too many people have been killed and we don't know who killed them," he said on Thursday. "

On a serious note, I thought it would interesting to get this forum's thoughts on this topic, particularly: (1) is Vlad really brash enough to be knocking off enemies at will, knowing there are no real consequences or enforcers thereof (e.g., Hariri in Lebanon)?; (2) what, if anything can really be done abou this issue, and with Russia generally given its new found energy-based power; (3) did Mr. Barroso go out on a limb, or should be joined in castigating the Kremlin by the US--in particular--and others (n.b., that Chirac was to dine in celebration with Vlad the other day)?.


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