Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Every Time A Soldier Dies, A Liberal Gets His Jollies

This is the impression I get from the MSM's breathlessly gleeful reporting of the military's death toll for the month of October 2006, which currently stands at 103. They can barely contain themselves, they are so excited.

And why should they hold back their glee over American deaths? They have, after all, taken their strong anti-American bias to the next level by actually aiding and abetting foreign terrorists, and providing them with recruitment fodder to boot, all under the phony guise of objective journalism.

The Clinton, er, Cable News Network (CNN) confessed earlier this week that it had solicited access to terrorist insurgents operating in Iraq and promised, in exchange for that access, an airing of pro-terrorist footage of Iraqi snipers killing -- yes, killing -- American soliders on its network and a "fair shake" in its coverage of the terrorists.

The American Spectator provides the full account (as do other news sources), but I just wanted to include this paragraph to hammer it home:
"Anti-Americanism pays off for us over there, no doubt about it," says [an anonymous] CNN employee. "Questions were raised about this video and the way we got it. Once it was confirmed that it was real, the next question was how did we get it. And the answer was, we promised to give the terrorists a fair shake. I know that we are saying there was soul-searching here about running the tape. But I didn't see much of that. There were somber people here, but there was also a segment of people on staff, once the tape had run and created a firestorm, that celebrated. They thought they were so courageous."

This is the intellectual and moral equivalent of Edward R. Murrow having had a sit-down exclusive with Hitler during the D-Day invasion. It is disgusting and nauseating, and I hope we can now finally dispense with the notion that CNN is an objective news source.

P.S. For those of you out there who think the violence against American troops in October is coincidental: do you think terrorists do not know when our elections are? And is there really any question which American political party they want to succeed next Tuesday?

P.P.S. Since it appears CNN has taken up residence in the enemy's camp, when can we start launching guided missiles at CNN's headquarters in Atlanta?


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