Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Too busy to breathe, but I can't let this one go:

"It crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect, so I vetoed it," Bush told backers at a White House event.

First, as a more than general rule, "backers" are the only people that King Bush every appears in front of...taking 5.5 years in office to acknowledge blacks exist doesn't count.

Second, when did executive fiat become a substitute for democracy? I think I saw a West Wing episode about this once...Jed realized, and rightfully so, that his personal preference really doesn't cut the mustard in this respect. Of course, we've learned from our buddy Vlad that when democracy doesn't yield the results we want it to, that a strong Executive is just what it needs to show it the way.

Considering the shamelessly low number of cavemen that support Bush on this particular legislation (noted, not the issue as whole (i.e., those susceptible to Admistration propoganda that the Revenge of the Sith resulteth from stem cell research) it really is sad that W is that hard up to give the religious right wet dreams of a coming of a 21st century Inquisition celebration...after which of course they'd all have to arrest each other for homicide. Even the Video Doctor, err Bill Frist, supports the bill for God's sake...

I think our eminent Vice President, Dick "Shooter" Cheney, said it best..."Go fuck yourself" Mr. President.

Rant over.


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