Sunday, July 16, 2006

Paging Gavrilo Princip

What was going on in the Middle East did not really hit me until one evening last week, when I flipped on my television set and became glued to news reports recounting Israel's offensives against Hezbollah strongholds in Lebanon and Gaza. Prior to that, I had been peripherally aware that Israel and Hezbollah were fighting again, and that there had been military engagements triggered by Hezbollah's initial abduction of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers and its lesser-publicized but no less true (or problematic) launching of short- and medium-range rockets into Israeli territory. The more I watched these reports, the more concerned I became.

A lot is going on, and things are in tremendous flux, but I would like to take this moment to lay out some simple, unadulterated facts (in abbreviated form) pertaining to the current situation.

- What started Israel's offensive against Hezbollah and its regional supporters were the two incidents stated above: Hezbollah's abduction of IDF soldiers and its launching of missiles into Israeli territory.

- Hezbollah's inflammatory conduct happened on the exact same day that the United States and European nations had set as the deadline for Iran to respond to "demands" (I say "demands" in quotes because it is hard to take demands seriously when they are accompanied by incentive packages) that it suspend its uranium enrichment program or face possible United Nations sanctions.

- Hezbollah is an organization that receives substantial and undeniable support -- in the form of funding, training, shelter, and weaponry of all kinds -- from Iran. Iran's tangible support, including weaponry, is generally flown into Syria and is from there dispatched to Lebanon via ground transportation.

- Hezbollah's headquarters are (or, prior to 48 hours ago, were) located in southern Lebanon, within easy reach of Israel's northern border.

- The current missile strikes being undertaken by Hezbollah are longer than any previously witnessed, indicating the use of longer-range missile technology not previously available to Hezbollah.

- Many of the specific weapons, including the medium-range rockets currently being lobbed into Israel, are either of Iranian design or have been manufactured in, or improved by, Iran. In addition, several technical aspects of other rockets being used against the Israelis indicate that they have either been produced or modified by Syria.

- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made frequent and unequivocal statements indicating his government's hostility to the continued existence of Israel.

The above are facts. Facts.

It has become quite apparent that Iran is prepared to do whatever it has to do to distract the West while it rushes headlong to the completion of its own atomic weapons program. Given its historic, and historically strong, links to the terrorist organization Hezbollah, it seems painfully obvious that Ahmadinejad has taken this struggle with the West to the next level by using Hezbollah to carry out a proxy war against Israel and distract the world in the process. Both Syria (the only nation left in the world with a functioning Baath Party) and Iran have shown their respective hands, and it is clear that they are both involved in supporting Hezbollah.

Israel, as usual, is doing what it has to do to survive, and deserves full American support. In fact, not only do they deserve our full support, but they deserve our total respect. This tiny nation, surrounded by hundreds of millions of Islamo-fascists that openly seek Israel's end, is the only one in the world that has the fortitude to stand up the civilization's true enemies. In essence, Israel is currently waging the war that we claim to be waging, against terror, and when the time comes to join them, we should, without hesitation. We may not have a choice.

The time has also come to dispense with the notion that Iran and Syria can be dealt with through peaceful means. Stop all this nonsensical talk about incentive packages and shuttle diplomacy. Iran does not want to stop its uranium enrichment. Palestine does not want peaceful coexistence with Israel. Syria does not want an autonomous and democratic Lebanon. Use the only language that these terroristic peoples understand and respect: the language of force.

While I do fear that this conflict has the potential to spin out of control, I nevertheless think that this conflict is very necessary. World War III is certainly not an inevitability here. Socialists in Europe (and this country) are calling on Israel to calm down and stand back, but I encourage Israel to drop more bombs and launch more rockets. I encourage them to kill as many members of Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Syrian and Iranian armies as they can. God willing, if and when the time comes, America will fight with you.


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